‘BJP uses central agencies to suppress opposition,’ Mamata writes to opposition leaders


Kolkata: As the Central Bureau of Investigation opened an investigation into the deaths of nine villagers in a massacre in Birbhum district, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has written to her non-Party Bharatiya Janata counterparts and other other opposition leaders against the use of central agencies to “target, harass and corner political opponents across the country for blood feud.

The massacre, the worst during Banerjee’s rule in Bengal, is believed to have been retribution for the murder of a Trinamool Congress panchayat leader in the Bogtui village of Rampurhat in Birbhum. While the TMC is strong in the region, it is factionalized in several places. The Bogtui murders were reportedly the result of factional wars between two sides of the TMC.

On March 25, the Calcutta High Court ordered the CBI to resume the investigation into the murders. The court ordered the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed by the Banerjee government to hand over the case documents and the defendants arrested by it to the central investigation agency.

In his letter to opposition leaders, Banerjee wrote that the Law Enforcement Directorate, CBI, Central Vigilance Commission and Income Tax Department were used by the ruling BJP. She cited the ‘bulldozing’ of the Delhi Special Police (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and the CVC (Amendment) Bill, 2021 amid opposition walkouts.

The extension of the terms of ED and CBI trustees promised by these laws, she wrote, is in clear violation of a Supreme Court ruling.

Banerjee wrote that the BJP abuses central agencies with “the sole intention of suppressing opposition leaders” and when elections are approaching.

Banerjee wrote that BJP-led states “get a free pass from these agencies to paint a rosy picture of their hollow governance.”

She also accused the BJP of carrying out a “political witch hunt”.

The Chief Minister of Bengal also commented on the judiciary, adding, “I have the highest regard for the judiciary. Right now, due to some biased political interference, people are not getting justice, which is a dangerous trend in our democracy.

Banerjee, as Trinamool Congress President, called for a meeting to discuss strategies for confronting the BJP and committing to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way for the ‘government the country deserves’ .

“I am writing to express my deep concern over the direct attacks on the institutional democracy of this country by the ruling BJP,” the dated letter reads.

It was shared by official TMC social media managers on Tuesday morning.

“I urge everyone to come together for a meeting to deliberate the way forward at a place according to convenience and convenience for everyone. Let us commit ourselves to the cause of a unified and principled opposition that will make way government that our country deserves,” she said. added.


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