Practice in the USA

It’s common knowledge that everybody dreams to have practice in one of the American universities or colleges in order to obtain excellent professional skills. Here, in our article we will show you some of the well-known grants and scholarships for foreigners.

1. The American College of Surgeons offers scholarships to foreign citizens who have expressed a strong interest in research and education in the field of surgery. You can order here research paper writing service. Scholarships for $ 10,000 allowed to participate in the medical, teaching and research activities in the United States and Canada, as well as attend classes and seminars of the American College of Surgeons.

Fellows may participate in the Annual Congress of Clinical Surgery in San Diego. Available scholarships gives access to courses, lectures and exhibitions that are part of the Congress of Clinical Surgery.

Scholarship requirements for applicants:

  • To have consummated surgical education;
  • Age from 35 to 50 years old at the time of filing the application;
  • To have at least a year’s experience of surgical practice, teaching or research activities.

How to apply:

  • you must fill out an application on the official website of the American College of Surgeons;
  • to submit your resume;
  • to provide a list of publications and three publications indicate the choice of the candidate from the list;

One of the letters should be from the head of the institution, which teaches / taught candidate, or employee of the American College of surgical resident in the country of the candidate. The letter should describe the teaching or other academic activities of the candidate

2. St. Catherine University provides scholarship support of the majority of foreign students. It is recommended to apply for the scholarship together with the documents for admission. The scholarship does not provide complete coverage of the student’s expense. Perhaps the employment of students on campus. The average wage is about 2 500 thousand dollars per academic year, with employment 12 hours a week.

The terms and conditions of applications from candidates

Students need to apply for a scholarship at the same time entering the University of St. Catherine, after providing documentary evidence of its financial solvency and financial sources to cover the training costs in the prescribed manner.

Documents for obtaining a scholarship are accepted twice a year, before 15 March (for the plan to begin training with the fall semester), until 15 October (for the plan to begin training with the winter semester). The decision about the scholarship is not taken until the student’s enrollment in the University.

Types of scholarships in the US university:

3. The University offers various scholarships for foreign students of the first year students and students enrolled in the framework of the translation of other educational institutions (foreign transfer students):

4. Scholarships for foreign students, which is given to women enrolled in the undergraduate program of daytime. The decision on the allocation of scholarships is based on data on academic achievement and financial situation of the candidate. The scholarship is $ 1,000- $ 19,000 per year and covers the tuition, room and board expenses, if the student lives at the university.

5. Recommender alumni scholarship is a one-time payment of $ 600.

6. Family Scholarship for mother / daughter or sisters for $ 1,000 per person.

7. University scholarships for students who are the daughters or granddaughters University graduates of St. Catherine ($ 2,000 per year for four years). If both the mother and grandmother of students are graduates of the University, the scholarship amount is $ 3,000 for four years in the year.

8. Education scholarship in the amount of $ 1,500 is awarded annually to undergraduate foreign student programs, enrolled in day programs, have provided letters of recommendation Certified Counseling Center “the US Education» of their country.

9. There are also scholarship programs for foreign students of undergraduate level, are trained in the Center for the Study of English ELS Language, as well as in the International Linguistic University Saint Paul (Minnesota), and the results have confirmed the high language test (requirements specified on the university website). The scholarship is $ 1,500 per year.