Use of Discourse Analysis to Explore Ways Language Constructs Social Difference

Discourse analysis constructs social differences by critical understanding of language as an element of social processes. Language in this case refers to the spoken, written, diagrams, and the facial languages. For instance, people are very concerned about the language used in racist or in advertising. Feminists just as the anti racist campaigners understand discourse analysis hence change language in order to achieve their objectives. This increased use of language awareness reflects how language plays a critical role in the social life disparities among different people and the social disparity may be short or long term.

Sample of a college essay! difference Discourse analysis constructs social
The development of knowledge-based economies is an indication that the economy is based on discourse as innovative knowledge has are created, disseminated and used as new discourses. We can thereby conclude that knowledge created through language has turned to be a commodity in the world that defines the economy. The language used in creation of knowledge that has led to development of new communication techniques, which has brought differences between different societies.

Globalization has also been brought about by language and brought about changes in the social structures between different societies and languages, hence this referred to as ideological discourse of change. Globalization that has led to development of global language and there are some societies that do not understand these global languages. Globalization is a discourse of change whereby different societies have merged their languages while other languages have been lost all along the process of globalization. Globalization has resulted to use of language as a global language and it is mostly used in most movies, global television networks meaning that societies that do not use English language have been differentiated form the rest of the world in one way or another.

Technologization of discourse has catalyzed the employment of language in the society it, language, is used in management of institutions. This basically involves integration of organizational functions and defining the language that is most favorite to run multicultural global firms. The use of suitable language for multicultural firms is an indication of differences between the old generation firms and the present era global firms. Language has consequently been viewed an imperative tool in present global firms.

It can therefore be concluded that discourse analysis of language has reflected to a key agent of social differences between different people at different time. It is also worthy noting that language has played caused enormous problems to different societies, especially those whose languages have been eroded and those that are behind globalization. Language has also brought about economic problems for societies that cannot bargain in the international market using global languages. The language has there causes great disparities between different societies and this is a clear indication that language is plays a key role in the social processes.