CISF: CISF hybrid security model, private agencies required in the future: Amit Shah

In favor of a hybrid security model, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday that private security agencies and the central government paramilitary force CISF could team up to provide effective security to various private units in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

This was important, he said, because government security agencies like the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) alone cannot accomplish this task across the country and could gradually “delegate” it to private security agencies.

Shah was speaking at CISF’s 53rd Raising Day celebrations.

He also asked the force to prepare a 25-year roadmap so that it can become a “results-oriented” security agency as India enters its 100th year of independence.

The Minister of the Interior has also asked the CISF to consider taking over the training of private security agencies.

Bearing in mind the ‘growing’ threat of drones to industrial units along seaports and the land border, the minister asked the CISF to work with agencies like DRDO and the Border Security Force to prepare an effective counter-technology against this threat.

Speaking at the event, CISF Director General (DG) Sheel Vardhan Singh said the force could play an important role in training and certifying the country’s private security agencies currently operating in a manner unorganized.

He said the force was ready to play the role of a “specialized and integrated” security agency in the field of airport and port cargo, counter-drones, navy and rapid transport system.

The approximately 1.64 lakh strong CISF currently monitors 65 civilian airports across the country, in addition to securing a number of vital infrastructure in the government and private realm. It operates under the control of the Union Home Ministry.


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