hong kong: Hong Kong to exclude large companies “unaffected by the fifth wave of Covid” from the wage subsidy program

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced that the country will exclude major supermarket and drugstore chains, as well as other businesses, from the next round of government wage subsidies, which remain “unaffected” by the fifth wave of Covid-19 epidemic.
The Hong Kong government planned to release a new round of financial support to local employers under the Supported Employment Scheme (ESS) to support businesses and protect jobs amid the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak. city ​​and the soaring unemployment rate, Hong Kong Free Press reported quoting Carrie Lam’s Press Point on Friday
The ESS scheme was launched in 2020 to provide employers with grants to help them retain staff who may have become laid off for employers in the first year of the pandemic. Dairy Farm Company Limited, Kowloon Motor Bus Company, HKT Services and many other companies have been major beneficiaries of the ESS program.
Previously, the Hong Kong government omitted Airport Authority Hong Kong and the MTR Corporation, government-subsidized universities and social welfare organizations, and program officials.
Lam further said that those earning more than HK$30,000 per month would not be able to benefit from the scheme.
“The monthly subsidy amount for each full-time employee is set at 8,000 Korean dollars,” Lam was quoted by HKFP as saying.
She further said that the program will cover the three-month period between May and July and will benefit 1.3 million workers.
According to a statement released after Lam’s briefing, any chain of supermarkets and pharmacies, property management company, bank, financial institution, delivery company, telecommunications company, private hospital and property developer will be excluded from the support program if they employ more than 50 people.

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