How Lawmakers and Wizards Use Their Own Businesses to Win Government Contracts – ICPC Report


Some members of the National Assembly and their staff conspire with government agencies to secure government contracts worth billions of naira for companies in which they have an interest in clear cases of conflict of interest.

They have also been found to have the same projects domiciled in two different government agencies under the same appropriation cycle with the aim of illegally extracting money from the federal government budget.

The authors use the influence of their offices from the conception to the implementation of projects for their personal development.

These are contained in the “Phase 3 Report of the Independent Commission Constituency and Leaders Monitoring Exercise on Corrupt Practices and Related Offenses presented to President Muhammadu Buhari by the Commission Chairman, Professor Bolaji Owasanoye.

The report listed several instances where lawmakers sabotaged the constituency project design and implementation process to divert enforcement money into their personal pockets.

The report states under “abuse of power and conflict of interest” that: “dramatis personae in the design and implementation of publicly funded projects use the influence of their office to enrich themselves personally to the detriment of the public. public.

“Sponsoring legislators, their assistants and / or senior executives in implementing agencies use both subtle and harsh influences to award contracts for projects to companies in which they have a direct or indirect substantial interest.

“There is significant testimony and evidence of a lack of practical observance of procurement rules and compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act.

“For example, the project“ The training and empowerment of women and youth in Abaji, Kwali,

Gwagwalada and Kuje Regional Councils, Abuja South Federal Constituency ‘has been assigned to Al-Jabil integrated Nig. Ltd, a company owned and operated by a certain Sokodabo Musa Hamza, a relative of the sponsoring legislator. The contract value was N149,945,678.

“In November 2020, Sinti Nig. Ltd, a company owned by the sponsor, was awarded a contract from the Sokoto Rima Basin Development Authority in the amount of N 199,950,000 for a project to provide empowerment items in the northern senatorial district of Kano.

“It was a project sponsored by Senator Jibrin Barau of the Kano North Senate District. Sinti Nig. Ltd was notorious for this as it featured prominently in the Phase 2 report for the same and other forms of violations.

“In collaboration with the BPP, this company, like many others, will be recommended for a blacklist.

Likewise, in a project of ‘construction of an ICT center in the central federal district of Katsina’, the contract awarded to Cool Choice Nig. Ltd at a cost of N49,091,991.14 was in fact executed by the sponsor as the contractor had never been to the project site let alone run the project.

“The design of the project was changed from its original form and was built instead, which was valued at 17,035,804.50 N.

“In another ‘Classroom Block Construction with 20,000 Liter Solar Borehole’ project in the northern senatorial district of Katsina, the project was actually carried out by executing agency staff who been appointed and assigned to oversee the project.

“The current contractor had never been to the project site. The supervisor who should have overseen the construction actually executed it for which he received over 15 million naira.

“The person responsible for ensuring the proper execution of the project was the same person who executed the contract, hence the extremely sloppy execution of the project.

“Said supervisor is currently under administrative suspension and awaiting prosecution which may be appropriate.

“Another case is the contract for the construction of 2 (our) community water supply scheme in the federal district of Illela / Gwadabawa in Sokoto State awarded by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Dogon Marke Investment Ltd for the sum of 23,880,000 N.

“In addition to under-performing the contract; Dogon Marke Investment Ltd is owned by the sponsor and his family members, and out of the contract amount paid by the company, 8.8 million naira was transferred to the sponsor’s personal bank account. This amount has been recovered.

“All of this constitutes a clear violation of Article 19 of the 2000 CIPC Law as well as the relevant provisions of the Code of Conduct Law. “

On the domiciliation of the same projects in two agencies, the report gives an example in the State of Bauchi.

“Another case is that of many water supply projects in the northern senatorial district of Bauchi where the same projects were

domiciled in two different agencies under the same cycle of ownership.

“Only those domiciled in one agency were executed while those in the second agency were not. The contractors, together with the sponsor, would erect project signs for the first agency when its supervisor came for project inspection and remove them and replace them with those from the second agency when the supervisors from the second agency came. They played both agencies.

“The cost of unimplemented projects amounted to N70,050,540.25, part of which was recovered and the culprits cited for prosecution,” the report said, noting that such “cases of abuse of power and conflict interests abound “.


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