Majority of Fremont County government services back in business after hack


FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) — On August 17, Fremont County government leaders realized that the county’s computer systems had been hacked. For weeks, residents have not had access to many government resources. While some items are still inaccessible, officials say the majority of services are back.

The cybersecurity threat shut down many government resources, including the Department of Human Services, the Department of Public Health, and the Fremont County Administration Building. The Administration Building houses many departments, including the County Assessor, Treasurer, Coroner, Veterans Services, and Planning and Zoning.

In September, the Governor’s Office of Information and Technology determined during an investigation that the cybersecurity attack resulted from BlackCat ransomware, also known as ALPHV.

On Monday, Fremont County Commissioner Dwayne Mcfall confirmed that the majority of government services were back up and running. Mcfall said the health department and administration building are open.

At present, the only departments in the administration building that are still struggling are the office of treasuries and assessors.

“There are a few things that are not available in the treasurer’s office where she works with her entries to be able to inform these people. And then the appraiser’s department where she needs a little more data, where she can have the information available to people,” Mcfall said.

According to McFall, government officials are still trying to make up for it after the attack.

“We are still going through the process. There are still some adjustments to be made. Even though this stuff is operational, it is not finalized yet. So there will be adjustments that have to be made to ensure that ‘some things are not missing, some parts of the software are missing in order to be able to do day-to-day,’ Mcfall said.

Although the county does not yet know how much the cyberattack will cost, McFall said the insurance company will cover that cost. The county is also working to put safeguards in place to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Nearly two months later, state officials still don’t know who was behind the attack. According to Fremont County government officials, it is still an active investigation.

“We all hope they get caught. They’re crooks, that’s all they are. So we hope they get caught and prosecuted by the law no matter what. And maybe we can also get some money back from these guys if they catch them and chase them,” Mcfall said.

Some residents may have had their personal information stolen. McFall said the insurance company is sending notifications to those affected.

The main Fremont County website is still not operational. But Mcfall said they are working to get their old website back.

To access the temporary Fremont County website, Click here.


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