Michelin tire factory revamp aided by Scottish Government funding


THE transition from a former Michelin tire factory to a new skills development center for low-carbon transport will be accelerated thanks to new financing.

Scottish business advice, support and finance agency Scottish Enterprise has announced that £2.1million will be spent on repurposing the Dundee factory into a new innovation site named Michelin Scotland Innovation Park (MSIP). The money will go towards developing the site, including building new ‘innovation labs’ and a ‘skills academy’, to make it a hub for new ideas and training in greener transport technologies .

Dundee and Angus College will provide the curriculum and expertise for mechanical and transport engineers for generations to come.

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said: “This £2.1million investment in the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Skills Academy aligns closely with the ambition of the Scottish Government‘s National Economic Transformation Strategy to ensure that Public, private and third sector partnerships work together to make Scotland’s workforce more agile and help employers invest in emerging economic opportunities. The Dundee Academy will bring together existing skills and knowledge from the city’s colleges and universities with industry, to provide new skills, for new technologies.

She said the money would support the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan, which aims to prepare the country’s workforce with the skills needed to take Scotland to net zero.

Forbes added: “Improving access to skills training will help create new, high-quality green jobs, strengthen regional growth, and improve access to growing low-carbon markets across the country. world for the various Scottish businesses”.

MSIP chief executive Greig Coull says the academy will complement Scotland’s drive to become net zero by 2045.

He said: “To achieve these ambitious goals, we need state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, but we also need forward-looking skills.


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