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More than 40% of people who presented to emergency departments in Tasmania’s hospitals in 2020-21 were not seen within the recommended timeframes for their condition. The recent Government Service Productivity Commission report on health services showed that 57% of patients who needed to be seen within 10 minutes were seen within that time. This is the worst result of any state for the emergency triage category. IN OTHER NEWS The result is down from the 66% seen within the recommended time frame in 2019-20. Forty-nine percent of patients who needed to be seen within 30 minutes in 2020-21 were seen within that timeframe, up from 58% the previous year. Twenty-three percent of people who presented to an emergency department and were admitted to hospital waited four hours or less to be admitted. Nationally, 42% of submissions that needed to be admitted waited four hours or less. As for the waiting list for elective surgeries in public hospitals, there were 21,307 additions in 2020-2021 and 18,313 withdrawals. In 2019-20, there were 8,851 additions to the elective surgery waiting list and 15,195 removals. The waiting time for elective surgery in Tasmania was the highest in the country at 588 days for 90% of patients. This represented a significant wait time increase of 363 days in 2019-20. The national wait time for elective surgery was 348 days for 90% of patients in 2020-21. This figure was up from 281 days in 2019-20. The rate of healthcare-associated infections in Tasmania’s hospitals was slightly higher than the national average of 0.7 patients per 10,000 patients. The Productivity Commission noted that 11.2% of Tasmanians had not seen a mental health professional at least once in 12 months due to the cost involved. He said 52.4% of people with a mental health condition who presented to the emergency room in 2019-2020 were seen within the clinically recommended time frame. The national average for this indicator was 68%. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:



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