Advisor describes government funding offers as ‘crazy’ way to plan public services

Councilor Kay Burley

Having to bid for funding is a ‘crazy’ way to plan – says frustrated Bedford borough councilor

And Councilor Kay Burley (Labour, Kempston Central & East Ward) said patient frustrations about delays are not being directed to the right people.

Councilor Burley’s comments came after a presentation on modernizing inpatient mental health services in the county at the Health Review and Review Board yesterday (Monday June 6).

Richard Fradgley, director of integrated care at the East London NHS Foundation Trust (EFLT), told the committee that progress was being made, but the Trust is waiting to see if its application to join the National New Hospital Scheme list has been approved. successful.

“This will be the source of the Departmental Capital Expenditure Limit (CDEL) coverage, which we need for this development,” he said.

“We cannot proceed with finalizing our pre-consultation business case until we have CDEL coverage.”

Mr. Fradgley explained that there are several potential sources of CDEL, but the main one is through this program.

Councilor Hilde Hendrickx (LibDems, Newnham Ward) said she assumed the scheme would be oversubscribed.

Mr Fradgley replied that the trust had a “good” case for funding.

“Particularly because the trust is able to invest a substantial amount of money in development,” he said.

Councilor Kay Burley (Labour, Kempston Central & East Ward) said there had been many meetings and discussions about the redevelopment of the Bedford North Wing site.

“Only to find out the money is not available,” she said.

“The capital money isn’t there, and that shows how ridiculous this service funding is at the moment – ​​everything is competitively tendered.

“I think it’s really very disappointing, and I wouldn’t blame the general public who need to use this service, for being extremely disappointed and very upset that once again we’re waiting for people to say yes. or not.

“It’s absolutely crazy, and it’s not the right way to plan any type of public service.

“I sometimes think that people’s anger and frustrations are not directed in the right direction towards those who can make those decisions or change the way decisions are made,” she said.

by John Guinn
Local Democracy Journalist

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