Al Kharous suburban council honors government agency partners

Sharjah 24: The Al Kharous Suburb Council of the District and Village Affairs Department (DVA) of the government of Sharjah commended the cooperation of the council’s strategic partners in the implementation of community activities and the provision of services to residents of Al Kharous from Dibba Al Hisn town who moved to Al Dhaid town.
Al Kharous Suburb Council expressed gratitude to all government agencies that participated and contributed to the activities of the 50th National Day, organized by the Al Kharous Suburb Council after its establishment and the start of work to express the joy of families on this precious national occasion.

His Excellency Juma Abdullah Al Mughni, Chairman of the Council of Al Kharous Suburb accompanied by a number of Council members, visited twenty government agencies and thanked them for their participation and support to the activities of the Council, which have Reinforced the success of the occasion, he also held a meeting with His Excellency Rashid Al Mahyan for his continued support.

Arthritis Patients Friends Association, Al Dhaid Wedding Hall, Al Wusta TV, Al Sharqiya TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Sharjah 24, Al Wusta News Forum, Ajman News, Department of Social Services, Dibba Al Hisn Family Development Center, Charitable Society in Dibba Al Hisn, and the Sharjah Charity Association were also honored.

Government agencies welcomed the visit of the Al Kharous Suburb Council and underlined the Council’s great cooperation.

His Excellency Juma Abdullah Al Mughni, Chairman of the Al Kharous Suburb Council, indicated the council’s concern to strengthen relations with all entities, which has helped to highlight the UAE’s achievements and goals for the national holiday by strengthening national cohesion, reflecting positively on the activities implemented.

His Excellency Juma Abdullah Al Mughni expressed his thanks for the efforts of these distinguished institutions to achieve the success of the UAE National Day celebrations and their effective contributions to support the Council, which had a great impact on the progress towards remarkable success celebrating an occasion dear to the hearts of all citizens and residents of the country.


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