Big data and cloud computing drive more innovation in Jinan’s government services


JINAN, China, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About December 29, 2021, Jinan, the capital of eastern China’s Shandong Province, has made it easier for companies to register to operate in the city when the opportunity to obtain both a business license and the accompanying seal has been rolled out on WeChat’s online business registration service, which represents another big step forward in the reform of market access and business facilitation in the city. In recent years, Jinan has made full use of big data and cloud computing, among other new technologies, to continuously promote government service innovation and provide an efficient and quality government service environment for market entities.

On 1st of March this year, Jinan released the Business Environment Optimization Regulation, which included new rules to facilitate the marketing of its products or services, complete all the steps to create a legal entity as well as to receive assistance once the legal entity is ready to enter foreign markets. According to the regulations, the city plans to shift to a service-oriented government and expand the application of modern information technologies such as the Internet and big data. »

To cite an example, the Jinan municipal office of the administrative approval department has taken the initiative to strengthen communications with other cities both within shandong province as well as in the whole China, with the aim of facilitating the inter-regional management of recurring problems that two or more cities may face in common, as well as promoting the establishment of business service centers in all districts and counties. In this way, the office can work with its counterparts to establish an integrated system of urban labor services for enterprises, as well as to accelerate the integration of enterprise service platforms and the rapid implementation of more favorable policies. . In cross-border trade, customs, trade and port logistics departments will also work together to optimize and promote electronic customs clearance procedures.

Supported by a healthy business environment, Greenland International Expo City, a project in Beginning of Jinan-up Area, was able to speed up progress. When completed, it will become a world-class example of what we can expect from a city of the future, as well as the largest modern economic exhibition center in China. The latest statistics reveal that in 2021, Jinan was home to 4,397 high-tech enterprises, of which 1,368 were newly added, more than any other city in the province.

SOURCE Jinan Municipal Government Information Office


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