BP secures government funding for Kwinana hydrogen hub


Australia has awarded BP 70 million Australian dollars ($52 million) to fund a green hydrogen hub at its Kwinana site in Western Australia as Britain’s supermajor converts the former oil refinery into a project of renewable energies.

Australia has been looking at green hydrogen as a solution to decarbonize its carbon-intensive sectors, with several oil and gas companies producing plans for development hubs.

Woodside develops green hydrogen project at H2Perthwhile Origin Energy plans 55 MW green hydrogen hub of the Hunter Valley, known for its coal production.

“We believe hydrogen will play a central role in decarbonising Australia’s hard-to-reduce sectors – particularly heavy industry, mining and transport – and we have the experience, expertise and business partnerships to do so. achieve,” said Frederic Baudry, President. of BP Australia and senior vice president of low carbon fuels and solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

In partnership with the Macquarie Group, BP will install an electrolyser of at least 75 MW and develop hydrogen storage, compression and loading facilities and upgrade its existing hydrogen pipeline.

The hub has potential in the future for the production of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

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The Kwinana project will meet the demand for hydrogen at the national and international level.

BP said it would soon publish the results of a feasibility study for green production at the site.

The feasibility study is being undertaken by BP in partnership with Macquarie and with funding from the Government of Western Australia.


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