Bus services across the country will be protected with government funding


The Department for Transport has announced a funding plan to ensure that more than 160 bus operators are able to keep services running and provide affordable transport to millions of passengers.

The funding will run for six months, starting in October 2022 and ending in March 2023, and is backed by almost two years of government support for bus networks. With this £130million increase, the total government support during the pandemic comes to almost £2billion.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, said:

“This funding will ensure that millions of people across the country can continue to use vital bus services and will bring the total we have provided to the sector throughout the pandemic to almost £2billion.

“At a time when people are worried about rising costs, it is more important than ever to preserve these bus routes for the millions of people who depend on them for work, school and shopping.”

as the cost of living crisis seems to be only getting worse for people, it is important that affordable transport is always available. The government said it was using all possible tools to help people. This includes protecting their access to affordable transport and providing £37billion in support for vulnerable households.

In addition to the funding that will go towards protecting bus routes across the country, the government is also planning other investments in the industry. £3bn of investment is to be invested in bus services by 2025, including over £1bn dedicated to improving fares, services and infrastructure. £525million of this funding will also go towards zero-emission buses, an important part of government and local authorities meeting their zero-emissions targets.


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