Charities to share £440m government funding to support victims of crime


The Government has pledged to ensure that charities are at the heart of its £440million funding commitment to support victims of crime.

Grants should be made available as part of ministers’ plans to ensure funding for organizations is more strategic and better meets the needs of victims.

There is also a commitment to ensure that Victims’ Assistance Commissioners fund a wide range of assistance.

The details were revealed in the government report Victim Funding Strategy.

This pledges to “involve organizations not already funded by the Commissioner – such as charities, trusts, voluntary organizations and others”.

“These organizations will hold expertise and understanding of the support industry that can be used to inform the service development process, even if they are not applying for funding,” the strategy states.

Justice Minister Tom Pursglove added that the government wanted to “fund the aid sector more strategically, so that the right services are available to victims”.

This includes investing in hybrid service delivery that offers support remotely and through face-to-face sessions.

In addition, he pledged to make funding “accessible” to small charities and other support organizations so they “are not intentionally excluded”.

The £440million funding will be made available for the next three years “so organizations can plan for the future and build capacity to support even more victims,” Pursglove added.

The funding commitment will also be supported by a new set of national commissioning standards outlining the “essential outcomes” providers will need to achieve to support victims.

The strategy will be overseen by a newly created intergovernmental council and was created as part of the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto commitment to better support victims of crime.


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