Chinese government-backed hackers have hacked into major telecom companies


Oxford University says it ‘will not pursue new funding opportunities’ with Chinese telecoms group Huawei – AFP

The risk of cyberattacks originating in China and targeting the United States persists, with an increasing number of incidents being attributed to Chinese hackers. Many of these hackers are said to be acting with state support.

That’s the view of US security agencies, which are warning that Chinese government-backed hackers have broken into major telecommunications companies around the world.

Considering the ramifications for Digital diary is cybersecurity evangelist Alon Nachmany, Field CISO of AppViewX. Nachmany examined the motives behind these types of dangerous cyberattacks.

Nachmany also considers what companies should prioritize for the future.

Nachmany begins his analysis with the likely point of origin: “The Chinese government-backed hackers who have hacked into major telecommunications companies are yet another validation of how countries rely on cyber warfare for policies.”

Additionally, says Nachmany, “With the FBI alleging that China conducts more cyber intrusions than all the other countries in the world combined, the whole picture reveals that today’s cybercriminals will do whatever they can to get what they want.” they want. Although China has denied any attack, if China is indeed associated with it, the attack is clearly an attempt to gain additional knowledge as friction between US-China relations over Taiwan continues.

In terms of the implications, Nachmany cautions, “However, what many don’t realize is how dependent an operator is on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its partners.”

The FCC is an agency of the US federal government that regulates radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable communications.

Regarding U.S. soil, Nachmany says, “While U.S. carriers and carriers, as well as the FCC, attempt to secure our communications, the stark reality is that the telecom industry is built too depend on partners and operators”.

This inherent weakness means that it is easier to bring down multiple systems at once, as Nachmany points out: “If a telecommunications company is the victim of a cyberattack, for example, the ripple effect it has on the whole industry, well as consumers is terrific.

In terms of appropriate countermeasures, Nachmany recommends: “With nearly half of today’s organizations experiencing one or more security incidents due to mishandling of digital certificates – the backbone of enterprise security business – it is a mission critical for the telecommunications industry and the FCC and its partners to prioritize OT security and implement Zero Trust strategies.


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