CRDB Bank will work with government agencies and businesses to improve efficiency


Treasury Registrar Mgonya Benedicto has therefore called on businesses, agencies and government institutions to use CRDB Bank’s funding windows to improve service delivery to increase revenue.

The registrar made a call over the weekend at a special seminar attended by heads of businesses, institutions and government agencies hosted by the bank at Johari Rotana Hotel, Dar es Salaam .

The Registrar said to go hand in hand with the speed of government to achieve its goals, businesses, institutions and government agencies are required to improve their efficiency to boost financial productivity, which will help improve service delivery to citizens. .

“CRDB Bank has assured us that it is ready to work with our companies, agencies and institutions to improve the effectiveness of their products and services. So we have to seize this opportunity because the bank is financially capable, as we have seen from its participation in strategic projects,” Mgonya said.

He added that the government has put in place strategies to ensure that companies, agencies and institutions improve their productivity.

“The strategy has been successful because in the 2021/2022 financial year ending June this year, we managed to collect non-tax revenue amounting to 852.98 billion/-, or 109.5% of goals,” he revealed.

The government has investments totaling 67 billion/- in 297 state-owned institutions and enterprises, including CRDB Bank, which has paid dividends amounting to 36.1 billion/- this year, according to it.

Speaking at the event, the bank’s Managing Director and Managing Director, Abdulmajid Nsekela, assured the Treasury Registrar that the bank was ready to work with businesses, agencies and public institutions to improve efficiency. , which will result in better service delivery to Tanzanians.

Doing so, he said, will result in an increased contribution to government revenue.

“This seminar is a response to President Samia Suluhu Hassan who called on public enterprises, institutions and advertising agencies to collaborate with the private sector to improve service delivery and bring productivity to the nation,” he said. he declares. “As a Tanzanian patriotic bank, this is an important area that we are giving more priority to in our business objectives.”

Nsekela said the bank has enough capital to support strategic and investment projects as well as development programs planned or implemented by companies, agencies and institutions, including strong revenue collection systems. and payment.

“Our bank also serves government employees of institutions and businesses, aiming to improve their lives. We have payroll accounts, loans and digital services that allow government officials to access loans wherever they go. find, including a payday advance accessible through SimBanking,” he said.

Executive Director of Higher Education Student Loans Board (HELBS), Abdulrazak Badru thanked CRDB Bank for organizing the capacity building seminar; helped discuss the challenges facing their institutions, while revealing the opportunities available at the bank.


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