Czech government will provide companies with energy at affordable prices – Prime Minister


PRAGUE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – September 19, 2022) Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said on Sunday that citizens and businesses in the Czech Republic need not be afraid of the coming winter, as authorities in the country are doing everything to ensure that gas and electricity are sold at affordable prices.

“Autumn is coming, many of you are probably worried about whether you will cope with the energy situation this winter. However, we (the government) have ensured sufficient gas reserves in case Russia stops provide energy resources,” Fiala said in his address to the nation.

Gas storage facilities are almost full, Fiala noted, adding that in addition, a gas terminal is starting to operate in the Netherlands, where the Czech Republic has reserved volumes that represent a third of the country’s annual consumption.

Fiala also recalled that the government decided this week to set maximum energy prices for the population, individual entrepreneurs and a number of institutions, such as schools. In addition, significant funds have been allocated to companies and businesses so that they can offset high energy prices, Fiala said.

The maximum electricity price in the Czech Republic is now 6 crowns ($0.24) per 1 kilowatt hour, while the gas price is 3 crowns ($0.12) per 1 kilowatt hour.

At the same time, Fiala urged citizens to try to reduce their energy consumption.


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