DFA Brings Top State Agency Leaders Together at New Mexico Municipal League Conference


DFA News:

SANTA FE — The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) is leading the coordination effort, which will bring multiple state agencies to the New Mexico Municipal League conference 9-10:15 a.m. morning, Wednesday.

The DFA will be joined by the Department of Economic Development (EDD), the Department of Environment (NMED) and the New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA), for a panel “Filling the Funding Gap”, a presentation on federal funding, ways of thinking outside the capital expenses, and how to seek out and use all funding opportunities.

Participants will be addressed by the following staff and their respective topics:

  • Patrick Schaefer, DFA General Counsel – Non-Entitlement Unit Federal Fund Compliance;
  • Donnie Quintana, Director of the Local Government Division of the DFA – State Matching Funds Initiative;
  • Johanna Nelson, EDD Finance Development Specialist – FUNDIT Program;
  • John Rhoderick, Acting Director of NMED’s Water Protection Division – State Clean Water Revolving Fund, Rural Infrastructure Program, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Act;
  • Carmela Manzari, NMFA Lead Finance Manager – Lending Programs to Help New Mexico Communities and Businesses; and
  • Paula Flores, DFA Federal Grant Bureau Chief – Federal Grant Technical Assistance.

“Our agencies are coming together in a unified and collaborative way to identify all possible funding opportunities for local community projects,” said DFA Secretary Debbie Romero. “Governor Lujan Grisham’s administration is committed to supporting New Mexico municipalities and providing them with the resources they need to identify different funding sources.”

“NMED provides funding directly to communities through below-market loans and grants from the State Revolving Fund for Clean Water and the Rural Infrastructure Program, and also co-administers the State Drinking Water Revolving Fund with the New Mexico Finance Authority to provide affordable loans for the planning, design and construction of projects,” said John Rhoderick, Acting Director of the Division water protection. “We will discuss how communities access these programs and outlines a historic injection of new funding for the next five years under the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, which emphasizes support for disadvantaged communities and provides targeted funding to address emerging contaminants and lead service lines.”

“The New Mexico Finance Authority has several loan programs to help communities and businesses in New Mexico, including loans for infrastructure, schools, water projects, economic development, and more,” said John Brooks, NMFA’s managing director for lending. “NMFA will provide insight into how its programs are working in the best interests of the borrower to enhance economic prosperity and create stronger communities in the state.”

“FUNDIT is a powerful tool for mobilizing and growing capital for community projects,” said Johanna Nelson, director of strategic programs for the economic development department. “The website can connect to over 20 funding agencies to fill funding gaps and complete projects sooner.

The conference will be held at the Albuquerque Convention Center from August 31 through September 2, 2022 and is open to city, town, and village governments.

For more information, visit nmml.org.


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