Eight employment services for people with disabilities are deprived of public funding. here’s why

More than 15,000 Australians with disabilities will be directed to better performing job providers, following a major review.
About 6% of the Disability Employment Services program will be discontinued, affecting 52 of 104 providers nationwide due to poor results.

Eight will be closed in total.

Family and Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth said 15,550 Australians living with disabilities will be transferred to more suitable services close to home, giving them the best opportunity to secure sustainable and meaningful work.
Consolidation ahead of Monday’s Disability Employment Roundtable in Canberra and .
Ms Rishworth says evaluating the performance of DES providers means that only the most efficient will continue to receive Commonwealth funding.
“Low-performing DES vendors were given every opportunity to put improvement measures in place and were aware of the formal review process,” she said Sunday.

“It is essential that funding is directed to organizations that have proven to provide the best support for participants.”

The review was launched following evidence provided to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disabilities.
The survey was told that some providers were not achieving results, with some courses ending abruptly or only lasting for the duration of the government grants.
Catholic Social Services Australia chairman Francis Sullivan said the sector overhaul was long overdue.
“Evidence at the royal commission showed that for a time poorly performing DES providers seemed more interested in collecting payments from the government than finding good long-term jobs for their customers,” he said. he declares.

“While there are many good providers, hopefully with these reforms we see a sector that now fully places the interests of people with disabilities at the very center of its operations.”

To support participants during transitions to new suppliers, their mutual obligations will be suspended for the next two months from Monday.
Around 2.1 million people with disabilities are of working age in Australia.
However, 93 per cent of unemployed people aged 15 to 64 with a disability have difficulty finding work.
The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double that of working-age Australians.

Employing people with disabilities and reducing barriers to employment is set to be a key focus of September’s government summit, which will bring together more than 100 people from various industries.


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