Ensure timely completion of projects, LG tells government. agencies


Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena on Friday ordered agencies in the capital to improve efficiency, streamline costs, ensure financial probity and improve the quality of civil construction and other works.

Mr. Saxena also gave directives to government departments to conduct a thorough review of existing work procedures for quality improvement and timely completion of all projects.

Adding that he would personally monitor progress in this direction, the LG reported issues to various project executing and executing agencies in Delhi.

According to Raj Niwas, Mr. Saxena shared detailed observations and gave specific instructions on these matters to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Development Authority.

“LG reviewed various ongoing projects from different agencies, when it found that projects invariably exceeded the stipulated PDC (Probable Completion Date), resulting in avoidable cost increases and delays in making the assets available to the public,” read a statement from Raj Niwas. He added that LG had taken “a serious view” of these issues.

He also added that Mr. Saxena had observed that in a number of projects, poor planning, among other problems, led to a substantial increase in costs leading to a loss for the public purse and a negative impact on the image of the ministry to the public. public eye.

The LG also noted that some projects ended up tying up public funds, due to an inflated allocation, that could have been used for other projects. He also highlighted examples of public-private partnership projects where “nonchalant” government agencies had placed full responsibility on the company executing the project.

“LG advised a reduction in the number of tenders and contracts by launching a single tender for the annual operation and maintenance of various similarly placed projects. This would reduce paperwork and time overruns while improving efficiency,” a source at Raj Niwas said.

“He also directed that departments and agencies create an appropriate deterrent mechanism to identify defaulters, fix liability and take exemplary action against such individuals. LG will regularly review the implementation of its guidance and the effects achieved,” the source added.


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