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A court document detailed 12 agencies of United States government defrauded by Abedemi Rufaiaide suspended from Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State.

The document, obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, is a request filed by the U.S. government in West Tacoma District Court in Washington at request forfeiture of profits fraud.

This newspaper reported that the proceeds of the fraud amounted to more than $600,000.

Mr. Rufaiwho has been detained since his arrest in the New York one JFK Airport in May 2021, pleaded guilty to the charges in May. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Rufai served as Special Assistant to the Governor of from Nigeria Ogun State.

In the plea bargain he reached with U.S. prosecutors, Mr. Rufai admitted to using stolen identities to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in pandemic-related unemployment benefits.

According to the plea agreement, since 2017, Mr. Rufai illegally obtained the personal identifying information of more than 20,000 Americans to submit more than $2 million in claims for federally funded benefits under various relief programs. The various organizations involved paid more than $600,000.

The greatest number of frauds were committed against the Washington State Department of Employment Securitywho paid $350,763 in fraudulent pandemic unemployment claims on accounts controlled by Mr. Rufai.

The prosecution claims that the evidence to be presented in court shows that Mr. Rufai “participated in submitting fraudulent claims asking for more than $2 million in federally funded unemployment assistance.

He would also have “presented complaints to the IRS requesting more than 675 reimbursements totaling more than $1.7 millionand submitted at least 19 fraudulent Economic Injury Loan (EIDL) applications.”

He also, according to the prosecution, “submitted 49 fraudulent disaster claims to FEMAand personally obtained the proceeds of his wire fraud scheme.”

The court document says he obtained the proceeds of the scheme, in at least the following amounts, from the 12 identified sources:

  • Washington Department of Employment Security: $350,763
  • Arkansas Division of Workforce Services: $10,166
  • Maine Department of Labor: $8,205
  • Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency: $44,216
  • Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program: $12,967
  • Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations: $8,756
  • New York State Department of Labor: $44,524
  • Ohio Department of Employment and Family Services: $3,132
  • Texas Labor Commission: $14,154
  • Internal Revenue Service: $90,877
  • US Small Business Administration: $10,000
  • Federal Emergency Management Administration: $6,500
  • The total, according to the court document, is approximately $604,260.

“Therefore, United States seeks an order of forfeiture of this amount, seeking the full proceeds the defendant obtained from his wire fraud scheme,” the document reads.


On May 26, 2021a grand jury approved an indictment charging the defendant with 15 offences.

The charges filed at U.S. District Court for Western Washington at Tacomainclude conspiracy to commit wire fraud, nine counts of wire fraud and five counts of aggravated impersonation.

He was brought before the court on June 25, 2021 when he denied the charges pleading not guilty to all counts.

PRIME TIME reported how, in preparation for the trial, United States government had submitted a 97,000-page document to the court as part of the evidence to use against the defendant.

“The discovery in this case is voluminous and complex,” the prosecution and defense said in the document they jointly filed requesting the postponement of the trial date which was then scheduled for August 31, 2021.

The trial was adjourned several times while Mr. Rufai remains in custody.

After his initial denial of the charges, the defendant admitted his guilt in the plea agreement filed in court in May.

Prosecutors agreed to recommend no more than 71 months (about six years) in prison for Mr. Rufai.

The recommendation is not binding on the U.S. District Judge Benjamin Setterstates a court case.

The judge set Monday, August 15 for sentencing. He will make the order for confiscation of the proceeds of the fraud in his sentencing judgment.


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