Fairfield County to Open Government Service Center in Violet Township


Fairfield County Commissioners gave approval Sept. 28 to move forward with the $2.2 million purchase of a 30,000 square foot building at 12933 Stonecreek Drive NW, which is the site of Ohio University Pickerington Center.

The purchase is part of a $4.5 million plan to open a new government service center in Violet Township next year.

County officials said the Fairfield County Government Services Center Northwest is expected to house a Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office substation in 2022. A one-stop shop for the Fairfield County Clerk’s Title Office and Office of the Bureau motor vehicles in Ohio would open in 2023.

The facility would also include space for meetings, training and satellite offices, according to county officials.

A statement from the Fairfield County Commissioners Office said Ohio University will work with Pickerington schools to identify space that can be used for the Pickerington branch of the university.

Commissioner Jeff Fix announced the plans during a state of the county address Sept. 28 at the Wigwam Event Center in Violet Township.

“We’re going to have a Northwest Government Services building here in Pickerington,” Fix said. “The Sheriff will have a substation here, (County Clerk) Brandon (Meyer) will eventually move his title office to this location on the other side of town. We hope to be able to add a BMV office and potentially a representation of Veterans Affairs, Board of Elections and others.”

“Frequently asked questions” information posted on the commissioners’ website said officials expect the project to save the county money in the long run, as it will eliminate the need to lease space for sheriff’s office substation and clerk’s office.

The website says the county spends about $30,000 a year on rented space.

“Fairfield County prefers owning buildings to renting them because service delivery and maintenance activities are more stable and controlled with ownership, and there are long-term cost savings,” the official said. curator Steve Davis.

According to the website, money from the county’s general fund will be used for the purchase, and the clerk’s certificate of title fund will reimburse the general fund for “a significant portion of the costs, based on excess revenue from the clerk’s title fund.” clerk of the court”. .”

Violet Township Administrator Darrin Monhollen said the facility is expected to improve services available to the growing number of people in Pickerington and Fairfield County.

“Our area is a major population center in Fairfield County,” he said. “Therefore, strengthening Pickerington County/Violet Township services, when and where possible, makes perfect sense.

“This new government service center will make necessary county services more easily accessible to residents of Violet Township, improving our overall quality of life. Increased connectivity to our county headquarters and providing exceptional customer service are always the objectives of our current county commissioners.”

Fix, a former Pickerington City Council member, said the project “makes a lot of sense” because it will allow the county to have an accessible government service center in the Pickerington and Violet Township area.

“One-third of the county’s population lives there — and the area continues to grow,” Fix said.

Fairfield County Sheriff Alex Lape said the substation is expected to be operational “in early 2022.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this collaboration,” said Lape. “At the substation, we will be able to conduct investigations and provide law enforcement services more efficiently.”




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