Farmers robbed by crop insurance companies during Modi’s rule: Gandhi


Kalmanuri, Hingoli, Nov 12 (UNI) Senior Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi claimed on Saturday that farmers had been looted by crop insurance companies under the Modi government.

He was addressing the local meeting in Kalamnuri on the occasion of his ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra tonight.

Gandhi said that in the past eight years since the Modi government came to power, farmers, workers and the working class have suffered immense losses. The MNREGA does not provide employment, the workers have neither work nor money. Farmers working hard in the fields are in dire straits, he said.

In the name of crop insurance, money is taken from farmers, but farmers don’t even receive compensation, insurance companies openly loot farmers,” he attacked the Modi government. .

By interacting with some farmers in Kalmanuri region, they showed that all crops in the fields were lost, soybeans were completely ruined but no compensation was received from crop insurance companies.

The farmer said he didn’t know who to complain to. Work is underway to end farmers and agriculture under the Modi government. Insurance money is taken from farmers in installments, but compensation is not received, if received, it is very meager. Under the Modi government, crop insurance companies got rich and farmers got poor.

On this occasion, Gandhi shed light on the memories of the late Rajiv Satav. He said Rajiv was my friend, did good work, he always worked for the party.

Hatred is spreading in the country, quarrels are arising but hatemongers have no place in this country, Gandhi added.



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