From national security agencies to Bollywood’s doorstep, Lucky Bisht lives a meaningful life


Lucky Bisht is a writer, former NSG command and bodyguard to Narendra Modi and other notable Indian political leaders.

He has worked with many government security agencies such as CRPF and NSG and led missions in various countries. With each mission that passed, he proved his bravery and his sense of service to the country.

But his life has been a hotbed of speculation and mystery surrounding his character and he’s notoriously famous for being a prisoner no one wants to put behind bars. Yes, it’s true!

After serving in the Indian Army and the National Security Guard for a good period, Lucky Bisht realized that there was a wealth of stories that the public was missing. He watched people and their talent who might never see the door of Bollywood, just because they can’t afford it. He understood his role in this and immediately ventured into Bollywood.

He launched his own production house under the name Lucky Commando Films (LCF) in 2019. His production house is a hub of creativity and innovation.

Lucky Bisht’s journey from the strict lands of government to the creative plans of Bollywood has been interesting and not without purpose. He always led a life of greater purpose. When he was in the security services his goal was to serve the nation with utmost sincerity and now that he is in Bollywood he aims to do the same but this time his medium is a bit different. This time, it aims to serve its purpose through powerful storytelling and imagery. Stepping forward, it also plans to bring to life stories that remain untold, stories of inspiration and value. Because what better way to mark the public than by telling them stories that will remain etched in their memory. In doing so, Lucky Bisht serves as an inspiration to his generation.

Lucky Bisht remarks: “India is two countries in one. There is a part that is exciting and extravagant and the other part is brutal and full of pain. My idea is to give the other party a platform to exist. And to give his youth a path to his dreams. My stories will focus more on the realistic side of life. I also want to educate my audience. Cinema is largely responsible for shaping society. I understand my responsibility here.

In India, Lucky Bisht has its offices in Mumbai and Haldwani. It also has a whole network of distributors all over India. His production house is still in talks with various cast and crew to bring the most informative content to the audience!


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