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The GB News host claimed that at the heart of the current cost of living crisis were energy companies. Mr Steward also claimed that energy regulators only seemed capable of setting a price cap, and nothing more beyond that. The British journalist explained that ordinary citizens had no choice but to cut off their energy and reduce it when they could. Experts have warned Britons of a worsening energy crisis this winter, with many calling on the government to act now before it is too late.

Mr Stewart told GB News: ‘At the heart of the cost of living crisis is the behavior of the energy companies themselves and who, if anyone can get them to deal with the crisis their prices are causing for ordinary people and businesses.

“Now they say they are victims of soaring world prices, caused by rising demand and falling supply.

“Particularly because of the war in Ukraine and the fairly fair sanctions against Russia, they also face the highest tax rates of any business in the UK.

“With windfall tax on top of corporate tax and yet profits flowing in, regulators seem unable to do anything beyond setting a price cap that only affects little or nothing of these benefits.

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Mr Stewart added: “Ministers are calling the bosses to meetings at number 10, well, they get a little angry, but that seems about it.

“And we consumers have very few options other than switching off when we can and reducing in general.

“There may be a choice of suppliers, but many of them have now gone bankrupt and there is little or no price competition.

“Now the papers today are talking about a price freeze, proposed by Labor and one of the energy companies, and further government bailouts.

“Both seem to choose plaster solutions.”

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Sir Keir Starmer said: “Britain’s cost of living crisis is deepening, leaving people to worry about how they will get through the winter.

‘Labour’s plan to save households £1,000 this winter and invest in sustainable UK energy to cut long-term bills is a direct response to the national economic emergency which is leaving families worried about the ‘coming.

“We had 12 years of Conservative government that failed to prepare and refused to invest, leaving the bills higher and our country less secure.

“This is a national emergency. It needs strong leadership and urgent action.

“Labour’s fully funded plan would solve the problems immediately and for the future – helping people get through the winter while laying the foundations for a stronger and more secure economy.

“Only the Labor Party can give Britain the fresh start it needs.”



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