Government explains list of companies suspended from exporting to Egypt


Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry’s General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) has suspended some large companies operating in Egypt for violating a 2016 ruling regarding the registration of trademarks supplied to the Egypt.

The suspended businesses belong to a wide range of fields, such as food, detergents, medical supplies and cosmetics.

The list of suspended companies included Unilever, which produces one of the most important types of tea, soap and cosmetics, Mobaco for industry and commerce, the Saudi company Almarai which produces juices and yogurts, Al Karama Ltd for pastries, the Jordanian Advanced Furniture Industry Company, and more.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Nevein Gamea, announced last March a Ministerial decision to modify certain provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 43 of 2016 concerning the modification of the rules governing the registration of qualified factories to export their products. products to Egypt.

Upon the decision, companies wishing to export to Egypt must renew their registration documents which have an expiry date within a period not exceeding 30 days from the expiry date.

A statement from the ministry said on Sunday that the GOEIC reviews records submitted by companies for registration, to ensure that the company or factory is an existing entity and applies quality systems to its products, and includes a list of documents that must be renewed (quality certificates and brands, and industrial register).

The ministry explained that recently suspended companies did not complete the required documents and therefore legal action was taken under the regulations used in the registration system.

Companies that adjust their situation will be removed from the ban list.

Some of these companies on the list have stopped exporting to Egypt since 2020, as they have established new factories in Egypt and no longer need to export their products.


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