Insecurity: Be Proactive, Ekiti SEMA, NIMASA Task Security Agencies


The terrorists who attacked the AK-9 train bound for Abuja-Kaduna on March 28 have released another group of seven hostages in their custody after more than 100 days of captivity in the forest.
The seven hostages have now been reunited with their families.
Mallam Tukur Mamu, one of the negotiators and media consultant to controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, who revealed this yesterday, said the released abductees were reunited with their families late on Saturday evening.
The seven hostages are Bosede Olurotimi, Abubakar Zubairu, Alhassan Sule, Sadiq Ango Abdullahi, Muhammad Daiyabu Paki, Aliyu Usman as well as the only foreign national of Pakistani origin, Dr Muhammad Abuzar Afzal.
The terrorists had released three weeks ago 11 of the 61 victims of the train passengers kidnapped on March 28. With the release of seven others, 43 captives are still in the terrorists’ den.
Malam Mamu said that through his singular efforts he managed to negotiate the release of “seven other victims”.
He said that despite his resolve to step down completely due to frustrations, he had come under pressure, including from family members of the victims, to reconsider his “position given the respect and trust that the kidnappers have in its ability to sincerely engage in dialogue”.
Mamu, who is also the publisher of the Kaduna-based Desert Herald newspaper, said the release of the seven additional hostages had “proved Sheikh Dr Ahmad Gumi was right in what the power of mediation can achieve”.
He added that the seven freed hostages have now been reunited with their families.
He said, “I want to assure the nation that everything that has been achieved today was initiated and organized by me alone with the full support and prayers of my principal, Sheikh Gumi.
“That’s why I continue to emphasize that the government has the power to end the agony of these innocent victims in a day. It’s just an individual who sacrifices his life and even his integrity. There is no no military solution to the current security debacle in Nigeria.
“When you sincerely engage them, these guys, even if they’re mean with misguided religious beliefs, they listen. I have enough evidence to prove that they are listening. It is this strength of commitment and sincerity that allowed the release of these seven victims.
“In all that I do, I neither need nor demand any reward from anyone but Allah, but I hope that the nation for which we have sacrificed our lives will recognize us.”
Mamu thanked the General Officer Commanding the Nigerian Army’s only mechanized division for his support during the negotiation and subsequent release of the hostages.
“The place they (the kidnappers) gave away is remote, sensitive and risky. There was a military checkpoint before entering the forest. My team was stopped by the soldiers but when they told the military our mission they contacted the GOC and he immediately gave them his approval to continue.
“After the victims were successfully evacuated, traveling more than 40 kilometers into the forest, they were escorted by the army to Kaduna at the checkpoint,” he added.
He however lamented that despite the poor health of many of the released hostages, there were unnecessary security checks that wasted their time at a military unit on the outskirts of Kaduna.


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