International SOS Expands Government Services Business and Wins New TRICARE Overseas Program Contract for Continued Healthcare Delivery


TREVOSE, Pa., September 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — International SOS Government Services, Inc., (International SOS) has been awarded the 2021 TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) contract from the Department of Defense (DOD), through the Defense Health Agency (DHA). TRICARE is the healthcare program for 9.5 million eligible members of the seven uniformed services.

Under the contract, International SOS will provide end-to-end, patient-centered healthcare services to U.S. military service members, family members, retirees and other eligible TRICARE beneficiaries at the abroad (in nearly 200 countries and territories outside United States and District of Colombia).

The base period of the performance TOP 2021 (transition-in) contract is September 1, 2020by August 31, 2021. There are seven one-year option periods that continue until August 31, 2028. The total estimated value of the contract, including the base period and seven one-year option periods, is $960,362,689.

Raphael De JesusCEO of Military Health Services, International SOS, cited the following as critical to the continued success of the program:

“International SOS remains in a unique position to serve the needs of TRICARE recipients overseas, having provided exceptional service and innovative solutions to DHA since 1998. Our deep understanding of TOP, combined with our physician-led global footprint and our clinically vetted overseas network, will ensure continuity of service, optimal patient experience and the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to changing mission requirements in an overseas environment.”

International SOS has hands-on experience in delivering quality, patient-centered care overseas. With established relationships with U.S. military leaders around the world, International SOS is committed to ensuring force health readiness with access to safe, high-quality, and reliable care and a positive patient experience. Leveraging a strong, established network, combined with on-the-ground resources who know the local culture and country medical practices, recipients will feel a sense of comfort and assurance from start to finish of their medical encounters, regardless of where they receive care abroad.

In order to prepare for the start of health care delivery in September 2021 under the new TOP contract, transition discussions with International SOS and DHA are ongoing.

About SOS International Government Services:
International SOS’ ( The Government Services Division provides specialized, integrated and innovative services ensuring quality health care outcomes, reducing medical risks for governments, militaries and international organizations. Adaptable to any mission or program in the world, our government services include: pre-deployment screening, expeditionary/deployed support, medical assistance, telehealth, medical informatics, centered care experience patient, technology-based services, aeromedical evacuation, medical personnel, outsourced medical supply chain management, and overseas military healthcare program administration. Leveraging our extensive infrastructure and working side-by-side with hundreds of government organizations (including government contractors), our globally integrated solutions and medical fingerprinting support and complement a broad range of health care needs. Our comprehensive 24/7 on-demand solutions used by more than 750,000 people working in support of governments (including civilians, deployed military and other government personnel) worldwide , are supported by our global staff of 10,000 medical, security and logistics experts working from 1,000 locations in 85 countries, providing a rapidly deployable physical field presence with field-proven expertise.

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About the International SOS Group of Companies:
The International SOS Group of Companies is on a mission to save lives and protect your global workforce from health and safety threats. Wherever you are, we provide personalized health, safety risk management and wellness solutions to fuel your growth and productivity. In the event of extreme weather conditions, an epidemic or a security incident, we provide an immediate response with complete peace of mind. Our innovative technology and medical and safety expertise focus on prevention, delivering real-time actionable insights and quality delivery in the field. We help you meet compliance reporting needs for good governance. By partnering with us, organizations can meet their due diligence responsibilities, while building business resilience, continuity and sustainability.

Founded in 1985, the International SOS Group is trusted by 12,000 organizations, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500, multinational and midsize business clients, governments, educational institutions and NGOs. 10,000 multicultural medical, security and logistics experts are on your side to provide support and assistance from more than 1,000 locations in 85 countries, 24/7/365.

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