Irish sport receives € 65million in government funding


The government has announced additional funding of € 65 million for sport under the latest Covid-19 investment program.

Sport Ireland has now invited nominations from national sport governing bodies, local sport partnerships and other funded bodies, with € 65 million to be allocated under five key programs.

These include a field sport fund to support the FAI, GAA and IRFU; a resilience fund to support national sport governing bodies and other bodies funded by Sport Ireland; a resilience fund for sports clubs; a Pool and Facilities Fund; and a fund to support the Resumption of Sport and Physical Activity.

It is expected that this will provide more planning certainty and stability as the sports sector continues to reopen.

“There are still considerable challenges for sports organizations and clubs to encourage all members and volunteers to return, as well as attract new participants,” said John Treacy, Managing Director of Sport Ireland, “The Impact The financial situation of the pandemic also continues to be a challenge for many, with additional losses and costs straining finances. This is why this injection of funds at all levels of sport is necessary and welcome. “

With 26.3 million euros already announced to Sport Ireland to support their business plans, this brings the total funding for 2021 to 91.3 million euros.

The specific funding made available to support the financial losses suffered by the FAI, GAA and IRFU is also in addition to significant previous funds.

There will also be a small grants program where local sports partnerships are encouraged to run a local program for small clubs and community groups similar to the national clubs program. These programs may in turn support community groups and clubs which may not be affiliated with a national organization or recognized governing body, but which provide a vital local service. These grants would cover costs associated with COVID 19 and the reopening.

Sport Ireland will also set aside part of the investment so that it is directly targeted to the disabled sport sector.

This follows Tuesday’s announcement of the inclusion of a national velodrome and badminton center on the Sport Ireland campus in the government’s announced national development plan.

The goal of the National Velodrome and Badminton Center project is to contribute to the success of high performance programs and increased participation in track cycling and badminton, with positive impacts for both national pride and the good. -be social, providing high quality indoor facilities. . The proposed facility on the Sport Ireland campus will have a capacity of 900 spectators and will be able to host national and European events.

In addition to the Covid-19 fund, the government had already allocated an additional 15 million euros to the GAA, the Camogie Association and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association specifically for the conduct of the inter-country championships.

Last November, the government announced € 85 million in funding for the Irish sports sector to address the various impacts of the various Covid-19 restrictions imposed since March 2020. Earlier in 2020, the government announced a initial funding of € 70 million to protect the national sport system in Ireland.


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