IT companies encouraged to engage in CPEC projects


To enter the Chinese market, it is very important to encourage local IT companies to engage in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as the Information Technology Advisory Council said on Thursday ( IT) and the digital economy.

The first advisory board meeting highlighted the importance of stable government policies to attract local and international businesses.

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Syed Amin-Ul-Haque, Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, chaired the meeting and said Chinese investors were interested in establishing another fiber optic link from Khunjerab to Rawalpindi and the along the railway line to Karachi.

The meeting was told that the aim was to connect Karachi to Gwadar and then carry the cable under the sea to the Persian Gulf region.

The government held a high-level meeting with companies involved in CPEC projects during which the minister said, “the objective was to have market access for Pakistani companies in the Chinese market.”

He highlighted the initiatives identified to achieve this goal, including assisting Chinese IT companies in establishing offices in Pakistan.

While talking about the ambitious goal of exporting IT services to Chinese markets, the minister said the majority of Pakistani companies involved in IT exports started as sub-contractors for giant corporations in the West and elsewhere.

“We now have stable IT exports while the base of freelancers is also strong. Now is the time to ask Chinese companies to outsource projects to the Pakistani IT industry,” he said, adding, “It has been agreed that Chinese companies will start involving Pakistani experts in projects. in China “.

An advisory council was established on June 5 and is headed by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, with the aim of promoting the IT industry and boosting Pakistan’s digital economy.

The board agreed to set up committees for IT export headed by former IT secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, personal data protection by Senator Afnanullah Khan and telecommunications sector growth chaired by Jazz CEO Amir Ibrahim.

Within a week, the three committees will prepare their recommendations, which will be delivered to the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Advisory Council.


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