Latest government funding for space will bring benefits on Earth


The latest round of government funding for UK Space Agency projects appears to be focused on developing technologies that may have benefits on Earth as well as supporting space exploration.

Reading through the list of projects, from micro-reactors to water purification and LIDAR to drilling, the benefits that new technologies arising from these projects could have for a range of land-based activities are clear.

It is also clear from the press release that the government’s emphasis on these crossover opportunities is entirely intentional. This is likely because the resulting innovations may have greater potential for domestic commercialization and hence economic growth.

The potential for using the resulting innovations in the field may also offer other benefits. On the one hand, it can help resolve the dilemma faced by space innovation organizations about whether it is worth seeking patent protection for technologies for use in space.

Ambiguity around how existing patent laws apply to technologies used in space may lead organizations operating in this field to believe that patent protection may not be helpful. But if the technologies being developed are equally valuable on Earth, where patent law is very well defined, then this ambiguity is dispelled and the conventional advantages of patent protection to attract investors and carve out a place for themselves on the market. market are holding up.

UK space technology will help launch new approaches to energy, communications and resources


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