LMPD Turns to Federal Agencies to Help Secure Thunder Over Louisville


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Thunder Over Louisville returned on Saturday after a two-year hiatus due to COVID.

The mass event is expected to attract thousands of people, increasing the need for a public safety plan.

In 2017, the Louisville Metro Police Department had 1,233 sworn officers. As of April 2022, the city had lost 205 officers. Despite the loss, the responsibility to ensure public safety remains the same.

“They have worked very hard and long hours to come up with a plan to make this event safe at the local, state and federal levels,” LMPD Deputy Chief Andy McClinton said at a press conference. The conference featured LMPD’s security plan for Thunder Over Louisville as well as other agencies that plan to help with the big event.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police are sending officers, but other local police departments have not. These include St. Matthews, Jeffersontown and Shepherdsville.

“We need you all to be our eyes and ears to keep this event safe,” McClinton told the audience. “If you see anything suspicious, say something.

A number of federal agencies have been asked to help Thunder Over Louisville, including the U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard and Secret Service.

But several sources within the LMPD wanted the public to know outside of the press conference that their traffic units are significantly smaller than in 2019.

Agents are asking the public to be patient and plan ahead for Thunder Over Louisville.

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