Modi Govt abuses central agencies to harass opposition – Mahara


Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) Chairman Karan Mahara has accused the Narendra Modi government of misusing central agencies to harass opposition leaders. In a statement, the CCP Chairman said on Saturday that in protest against the Modi government’s deliberate and coercive action against former Congress President Rahul Gandhi using the Law Enforcement Directorate (ED), the party of Congress would organize demonstrations in the offices of the ED of the country. June 13. He said the BJP governments at the center and in the states have proven to be a failure on all fronts and all sections of society are facing hardships under the BJP rule. Mahara said the BJP had promised that when in power it would cut prices, but prices have skyrocketed under BJP rule. He said the country’s farmers and unemployed are on the road to unrest and the poor are reeling from the price shock. Mahara said that since Rahul Gandhi continuously raises his voice for these sections of society, the Modi government harasses him using central agencies.

Uttarakhand Congress media outlet Rajiv Mehrishi said the CCP would stage a massive protest at the ED office in Cross Road Dehradun on June 13. In the demonstration, deputies, former deputies, members of the office of front organizations and congress workers participate.


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