NHS Highland staff health and wellbeing resources receive financial boost from Scottish Government


The Scottish Government has provided £335,000 in funding to NHS Highland to support staff health and wellbeing for those providing health and social services.

Staff will now have better access to hot drinks, food, transport and rest facilities, as part of the plans.

After consultation with staff, these resources are now allocated to teams, including those working in primary and social care.

Teams are encouraged to spend this money on areas such as measures that support staff well-being to provide additional evidence-based emotional, pastoral and psychological support to the workforce based on needs identified locally.

NHS Highland’s health and wellbeing strategy group said it would like staff to come up with something practical and/or pragmatic to help teams and/or individuals “improve their working day “.

Fiona Hogg, director of people and culture at NHS Highland, said: ‘There are around 20,000 staff, working for the NHS, councils and other organisations, in social care and primary care at Highland and Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership.

“For more than two years, each of them has been through a very difficult time – from hospital staff, colleagues in primary care, the teams who look after our residents in care homes and those who look after from our home care customers, our personal health service support and our independent contractors – everyone has had to learn and adapt to what it is like to provide health and social care services to the population that we serve during a pandemic.

“The challenge is far from over as we begin to move forward into a world with fewer restrictions while recognizing that COVID is still here and can still impact the services we provide.

“The health and well-being of those looking after us is so important and I can’t wait to hear how this money is spent and how the teams have benefited.”

Funding allocations include:

  • £114,000 to support staff working in social care in the independent sector
  • £26,000 to support staff working in GP surgeries
  • £91,000 to support other NHS staff
  • Employees are encouraged to speak to their line managers first and start a discussion within their team about how they think this could be used.

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