Okta’s Sean Frazier: Agencies should view identity as critical infrastructure


Sean Frazier (OKTA profile)

Sean Frazier, federal chief security officer at Okta (Nasdaq: OKTA), said government agencies should view identity as critical infrastructure and modernize their identity and access management to provide a better user experience.

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“Agencies can assess the state of their identity infrastructure by continually asking whether they are providing the right capabilities to their employees, the public, and other customers and whether they are doing so in a way that matches how people live and work today,” Frazier wrote. .

He urged agencies to implement technologies based on open standards to provide capabilities to users and ensure cybersecurity.

Frazier discussed the inevitability of zero trust as more agencies migrate to the cloud and user verification becomes a growing need.

He cited the need for agencies to work with cloud service providers that could allow them to accelerate the implementation of zero trust while improving user experiences.

“By viewing identity as critical infrastructure and leveraging modern cloud services, agencies can create a secure, agile, and scalable IT infrastructure that delivers smooth and highly satisfying user experiences,” Frazier added.


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