Parliament Petition for Free Ambulance Services and State Government Funding by WA Country Women’s Association


A petition calling for free ambulance services in Western Australia was launched this week, arguing that the state government should fund regional ambulance centers to properly serve the community.

The Country Women’s Association of WA launched the petition in hopes of addressing the high cost for patients requiring ambulance assistance and to ease pressure on ambulance services.

CWA WA State President Anne Gething said the emergency service was vital in regional communities and a lack of funding and resources has resulted in pressure on volunteers, while pressure increased in recent years has caused challenges for volunteers and patients.

“Although there are over 100 regional sub-centres, the vast majority of them are run by volunteers,” she said.

“In a state as wealthy as WA, there is no reason for volunteers to fundraise to run local ambulances. The state government should scale up and provide adequate operational funding to regional ambulance sub-centres. »

Ms Gething said people without a pension or insurance cover were shocked to find a bill of over $1,000 after vital medical services.

“It is unacceptable that people feel they have to transport an extremely ill patient to hospital by car for fear of high cost,” she said.

Ms Gething said that if the petition received more than 10,000 signatures it would be discussed in Parliament.

Residents of Western Australia have the option to sign the petition online until October 11 on the Western Australian Parliament website.


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