Rajeev Chandrashekar speaks out in favor of moonlighting, says companies shouldn’t put an end to employee dreams


Illegal work : “Companies should not chain their workers and restrict their aspirations. They should have complete freedom to do whatever they want, with the caveat of a legally binding contract.
“There is a shift in worker confidence, and companies that understand it will thrive. In his opinion on moonlighting, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Electronics and IT, Government of India, said that everyone wants to monetize and create more value.
Young people should be allowed to work on the sidelines, according to the minister, as long as they are engaged in their own start-ups or supporting friends.

The minister suggested that we have to accept the fact that the younger generation is very intelligent and cannot be prevented from expressing their creativity and expertise.
He added, however, that he opposed IT workers working for direct competitors, particularly if that work was specifically prohibited in their employment contracts.

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When did moonlighting make headlines?

Moonlighting became a talking point after Wipro took a tough stance and fired 300 employees who worked moonlighting, which side-by-side work for rival companies.
300 employees had worked for competing companies in the past few months, according to Wipro chairman Rishad Premji. He was adamant that such conduct was unethical and that such people had no place in the company.

Chandrasekhar said that “the policies of the current government have been and are being framed by deep structural changes” and that “this is a once in a lifetime chance to lift India’s economy to $1 trillion.” Chandrasekhar was speaking at the 9th Annual Forum 2022 of the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI).
The Minister of State said: “I had recently visited a 1,000 crore lithium-ion battery manufacturing unit in Tirupati set up by an entrepreneur who had no prior knowledge of electronics manufacturing,” adding that this growth must be organized in an orderly manner.

Chandrasekhar claimed that it demonstrated how India has gone from being a country that exported raw materials like lithium to one that now produces and exports goods.

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What else did Rajeev Chandrashekhar say?

Furthermore, Rajeev Chandrasekhar explained that the Digital India Act (DIA) is a “work in progress”, will be completed in a few months and will soon replace the outdated IT Act. He further stated that in the wake of the digital explosion, DIA will take into account all new realities.
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