Saitama Pref. to launch a registration system for LGBTQ worker-friendly businesses


The seat of government of Saitama Prefecture (Mainichi/Koichi Uchida)

SAITAMA – The Saitama Prefectural government has announced that it will begin registering businesses that accommodate sexual diversity as part of the first initiative of its kind in Japan, with the aim of creating friendly work environments for sexual minorities.

Under the initiative announced on September 6, the prefectural government will start accepting registrations from businesses and commercial establishments based in the prefecture from September 29, provided they complete online training sessions on LGBTQ questions provided by the prefecture.

The prefectural government will make announcements on its website about the status of each company’s efforts regarding their measures to promote workers’ understanding of the issue and whether they provide social protection systems for LGBTQ employees.

Specifically, registered businesses will be asked to report on their efforts on 40 indices listed under eight elements, including a core principle of “making policies of respect for sexual diversity widely known internally and externally”. of the company, such as non-discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity”; implementation of initiatives promoting understanding of the issues within the company; and the development of consultation systems.

According to the prefecture, even if companies try to promote measures taking into account sexual diversity, there are cases where economic operators are faced with a misunderstanding within their company, or cannot refer to the state of efforts of other companies due to a lack of information on the matter.

Saitama Governor Motohiro Ono said at a regular press conference on September 6, “There are gaps between the companies in their efforts, and there is no common ground on what “Must be done on the issue. The registration system will allow businesses to start with what they can do,” and called on businesses to use the system.

Also on the same day, the prefectural government began offering online training sessions for companies, while setting up a consultation office on LGBTQ issues for executives and human resources personnel of companies. The training sessions and the consultation service are free.

(Japanese original by Reiko Oka, Saitama Office)


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