Senator Ed Markey warns Elon Musk: “Fix your businesses. Or the Congress will be’


Senator Ed Markey has warned Twitter owner Elon Musk to make changes to his social media platform and other businesses unless the billionaire wants to face a new government investigation.

The Massachusetts Democrat touted federal regulators who previously scrutinized Mr. Musk’s companies, Tesla and Twitter, and he threatened further government action if the billionaire did not comply with their demands.

“Fix your businesses,” Mr. Markey tweeted on Sunday. “Or Congress will.”

Mr Markey lashed out at Mr Musk on Twitter after the SpaceX and Tesla CEO responded to criticism of the senator on Sunday.

Last week, the senator wrote a stern letter to Mr Musk complaining that a Washington Post reporter had paid $8 to set up a Twitter account posing as Mr Markey and wearing the platform’s blue badge. social media platform that verifies the authenticity and authority of accounts.

Mr Markey wrote that Twitter had descended into the “wild west of social media” and posted his letter on Twitter asking the new owner of the social media platform to respond to his questions within two weeks.

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“I demand answers from @elonmusk who puts profits before people and his debt before stopping misinformation,” Mr Markey said. “Twitter needs to explain how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.”

Mr. Musk responded to Mr. Markey’s request with a smirk.

“Maybe it’s because your real account sounds like a parody?” Mr. Musk tweeted on Sunday.

Mr Musk has experimented with changes to Twitter’s verification process to open it up to a wider audience for those willing to pay an $8 monthly fee, which has led to a wave of copycats mocking brands and leading users.

Twitter has sought to restrict impersonators who aren’t overtly parody accounts, but have struggled to track new verified users.

Although the senator may have interpreted Mr. Musk’s response as intransigence, Twitter’s new owner continued to make changes to the vetting process hours after Mr. Markey threatened congressional action.

“As it’s rolling out, Twitter will allow organizations to identify other Twitter accounts that are actually associated with them,” Musk said.

When a Twitter user asked if that meant users would define the organizations or if Twitter would pick and choose, Musk replied that he saw no choice but Twitter to serve as the final arbiter, but that he was open to alternatives.


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