Seniors’ exposure promotes equitable access to government services


Queensland government agencies used an older people’s exhibition in Cairns to reach out to older LGBTIQ+ people in the community.

The agency’s exhibit offered attendees access to discounts on the cost of living, healthcare, residential and support services.

Craig Crawford, Minister of Seniors said in a statement that the expo aims to ensure that all older people can live full and active lives. The first such exhibition for the region was held on Thursday.

LGBTIQ+ seniors should be able to expect access to state government services that respect their identity and health needs, Crawford added.

“Many older LGBTIQ+ people have faced significant discrimination and struggled to access services over the course of their lives, including in health, residential and support services – even within their own families,” said the minister.

“The Cairns LGBTIQ+ Seniors Expo builds on successful senior expos held across the state, and we are proud to bring it to Cairns.”

State government agencies attended the event alongside local community organizations and inclusive services that support and connect older Queenslanders.

Crawford said the expos are a great opportunity for government service providers to engage with the community, as well as learn about the needs and aspirations of citizens. Feedback from the exhibitions will inform Queensland’s next aging strategy and help create more inclusive and age-friendly community supports.

“It’s a chance for older Queenslanders, their families and support people, to learn about local inclusive services that respect and support their identity and experiences,” Crawford said.

In 2021-22, the Queensland Government provided over $423 million for concessions and discounts for seniors and other community members. Each year, an additional $4.9 million has been committed to elder abuse prevention, elder legal and support services, financial protection counseling, and a scam and fraud protection service. fraud.

The government will host the next Seniors Expo in Bundaberg on June 1, and the Capricornia Coast Seniors Expo in Yeppoon will take place on June 14.


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