Sheikh Hamdan endorses Services 360 policy to improve Dubai government services


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, has approved the Services 360 policy which aims to improve government services provided by the Government of Dubai.

The policy has set a number of ambitious targets for service delivery, including 100% proactive and automated services; 90% integrated services; and 90% of service delivery without the physical presence of the client, according to Dubai Media Office.

Regarding service delivery channels, the policy aims for 100% conversion to shared channels; 95% self-service; 95% digital adoption; in addition to an average channel rating of 90%.

Under the Services 360 policy, the Government of Dubai is expected to achieve annual financial savings of more than Dhs 1 billion over the next five years and eliminate nine million physical customer visits to service centers each year.

The policy is also expected to free up more than 300,000 working hours in the Dubai government every year.

The Services 360 policy was developed with the General Secretariat of the Executive Council and the Dubai Model Center team in collaboration with the Dubai Digital Authority. The Dubai Model Center will oversee the implementation of the policy and ensure the implementation of approved methodologies, assess the achievement of objectives and submit periodic reports.

In the upcoming phase, the Dubai Digital Authority will work to enable government entities to fully transition to proactive digital services; thus contributing to the maintenance of optimal quality in the provision of digital services and to the development of a secure digital environment for data protection, information systems and communication networks.

The policy will focus on eight main principles to unify workflows between government entities. These include a digital-first experience based on digital and real-time service delivery, as well as the adoption of digital identity (UAE Pass) as a unified entry system for all government services, while providing full customer support.

Additionally, proactive services will be undertaken to improve communication with customers to anticipate their service needs and respond accordingly.

An integrated data and service system will be implemented to minimize client data requirements and facilitate services by connecting databases between government entities.

Unified and personalized channels will be made available 24×7.

The policy will emphasize the efficiency of the service and will accompany it with regular follow-ups and necessary modifications.

In addition, specialized customer-focused services and the introduction of the service advisor concept, which transforms front-line employees into service advisors, will be undertaken through this project.

A partnership will also be entered into with the private sector to facilitate the delivery of government services through public-private partnerships to maximize the efficiency of these services.

“I have the utmost confidence in the abilities of our dedicated team to achieve unprecedented leaps in government performance. Services 360 will significantly improve the way we approach the work of government in Dubai by encouraging government to operate as one entity,” said Sheikh Hamdan.


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