South and East Lincolnshire councils partnership will receive £9.3m government funding to take it to the next level


The South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership is to receive £9.3m from the Government through the UK’s Shared Prosperity Fund to help improve the community by building pride and increasing opportunities life chances across the UK.

Following Brexit, the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) invests in local communities helping to regenerate communities, tackle economic decline and reverse geographic inequalities – with areas most in need receiving more support.

It is designed to match the European Union’s previous long-term structural funding while giving decision-making power over how the money is spent to councils rather than regional agencies. The new funding covers the next three years. This aligns with the missions of the Leveling Up white paper, one being “By 2030, pride in place, such as people’s satisfaction with where they live and engagement in local culture and community, will have increased in all parts of the UK, with the gap between top performing areas and others closing.

Council leaders welcomed the news that, as part of the overall £2.6 billion leveling, funding has been granted to their estates. Boston Borough Council will receive £2.2million, East Lindsey District Council £4.4million and South Holland District Council £2.7million.

Councilor Paul Skinner, Leader of Boston Borough Council, Councilor Craig Leyland, Leader of East Lindsey District Council and Councilor Gary Porter, Leader of South Holland District Council said: “We are extremely pleased to have received this funding and to have the opportunity to work in innovative ways at the local level with other public and voluntary organisations, businesses, wider partners and local people to ensure that this money is spent in a way that boosts our local economies at benefit all of our communities.

“The three key areas for us are communities and place, supporting businesses, people and local skills. Our objectives for the funds are to enable us to help boost productivity and therefore wages, jobs and living standards by helping to develop the private sector, expand opportunities and improve public services, restore a sense of community, local pride and belonging and to empower leaders and communities.

The partnership expects new guidelines to be released in the summer of 2022.


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