Texas Democratic Party leaders call on local governments and law enforcement to protect Texas women and health care providers by refusing to enforce extremist anti-abortion cases


Texas Democratic Sheriffs
Democratic District Attorneys of Texas
Texas Democratic County Judges and Commissioners
Texas Democratic Agents
Texas Mayors

We write to you, the leaders and chiefs of your respective local governments and law enforcement agencies, urging you to use your legal authority and discretion to refuse to enforce the provisions of Senate Bill 8, Bill Senate Bill 4 and House Bill 1280: All new laws passed by our hardline Republican-controlled Legislature in 2021.

District attorneys and local law enforcement agencies have significant discretion in deciding which cases to prioritize and prosecute. Four ADs from Texas have already promised not to prosecute abortion-related crimes.

Today, with the reversal of Roe V.Wade by the Supreme Court, Texans across the state fear for their safety, health, and lives. When the Texas Legislature passed SB 8 (87R), their intent was to subject women and the LGBT community to a second-class status where they would no longer be in control of their own bodies, and therefore their own destinies. As Texas Democrats, we denounce today’s decision and those who allowed these extremists to take away a deeply personal and private right granted to every woman in America.

The Texas Democratic Party platform is crystal clear – Texas Democrats fully support the legal right to a safe abortion, as it is an important medical procedure. SB 8 and similar laws are a clear attack not only on Texans, but also on our values ​​as Democrats.

It doesn’t matter what the US Supreme Court says: Abortion is a valid, safe, and important health care procedure that should never be restricted by any power or authority. No group of Americans understands more than Texans that their abortion rights have been under attack here for decades.

The health, safety and rights of Texans are non-negotiable. By passing these laws, they are jeopardizing the reputation of your departments and your communities. They make your job, and that of your base police officers, more difficult. They compromise your relationship with the communities you serve.

When you took office, you took an oath to uphold constitutional rights and keep your communities safe. You pledged to make tough decisions that would save the lives of your constituents. Now is the time to act – the health and safety of Texans, as well as our Constitutional rights, are at stake. abortion in Texas.


Gilberto Hinojosa
Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, Cameron County

Shay WyrickCathey
Texas Democratic Party Vice Chairman, Dallas County


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