The Malian government and foreign private military companies have failed to fight terrorism – Borrell


BRUSSELS (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – Aug 20, 2022) EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says the Malian government and private military companies have failed to fight terrorism in the country.

“The deterioration of the security situation is due in particular to the failure of the policy pursued by the Malian authorities following the coups of 2020 and 2021: fragile states are never strengthened by long transitions,” said Borrell in an article published on the website of the EU External Actions Service.

According to the diplomat, the Malian authorities have complicated the work of the UN mission, preferring private military companies.

“The fight against terrorism is undermined by the activities of foreign private mercenaries who stand out more for their abuses against civilian populations than for their ability to fight effectively against jihadists,” Borrell said.

In particular, he mentioned the Wagner Group private military group widely associated with Russia.

On Monday, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces said that all French soldiers involved in the Barkhane counter-terrorism mission in Mali had left the country. German soldiers also left the African country.


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