Thompson: Federal Emergency Management Agencies Swift Current Initiative Application Period


Below is a press release from the Mississippi Congressman Bennie G. Thompson:

Congressman Bennie G. Thompson recently announced the application period for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Swift Current Initiative. The Biden administration is offering local governments in Mississippi the opportunity to apply on behalf of residents to receive federal funding for repeatedly flooded and severely damaged buildings that are insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). ). FEMA awarded the State of Mississippi $5 million for the Swift Current initiative. Under this initiative, the federal government will cover 90-100% of costs for structures with recurrent loss and 75% for heavily damaged structures.

“Climate change presents a serious threat to lives and homes in the Mississippi Delta as natural disasters become more frequent and severe. Mitigation finance can be a key tool in addressing the effects of the climate crisis,” said Congressman Thompson.

“I am pleased to see that the Biden administration has prioritized the state of Mississippi through the Swift Current initiative, which is funded through the bipartisan Infrastructure Act. This funding will help provide timely mitigation funding for those who have suffered repeat losses and support efforts to mitigate future damage. I encourage local governments to submit applications from eligible individuals as soon as possible.

For more details on the Swift Current initiative, please see FEMA’s website.

Applicants must submit to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) by July 1, 2022. For more information, please contact:


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