Torres Announces Inland Empire Wins in FY2023 Government Funding Minibus Program


WASHINGTON — Today, Representative Norma J. Torres (CA-35) announced the Inland Empire wins she achieved under the FY2023 government funding minibus program that passed the House representatives. The minibus package contains six expense bills providing funding to several federal agencies. MP Torres is a member of the appropriations committee, which crafted the package.

“Yesterday we passed an out-of-the-House minibus funding program that will transform the lives of the American people,” said MP Torres. “These investments will create jobs, support small businesses, expand access to affordable housing, strengthen mental health services, support our veterans, and do so much more for American families.”

“In total, I was proud to have secured over $16 million for community projects in the Inland Empire. These investments will address housing affordability, strengthen our water supply infrastructure, improve our walking trails for our students and families, and revitalize our neighborhoods. Rep. Torres. “The minibus package I helped get out of the House also provides assistance to 911 operators and addresses sexual misconduct in the federal justice system to support survivors.”

“I will remain focused on securing funds for the Inland Empire and providing working families with the lifeline they need, so that our communities can transform and thrive,” Representative Torres concluded.

Funding obtained for the Inland Empire by MP Torres in the minibus package:

  • $4 million for the Courtplace housing development in the town of Fontana.
  • $4 million for the La Casita community center in the city of Pomona.
  • $1.5 million for the unincorporated Fontana Safe Routes to School.
  • $2.28 million for the rehabilitation of the Prado Regional Park Restoration Area.
  • $750,000 for the Downtown Upland Main Street Economic Recovery and Revitalization Project.
  • $750,000 for the Pacific Electric Trail Improvement Project.
  • $1.6 million for the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Pomona Groundwater Treatment Project R34.
  • Provide $2 million to the City of Chino Treatment Plant for city-owned groundwater wells 4 and 6.

Help for 911 operators:

  • The language encourages the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide CPR training to state and local emergency dispatchers to help reduce cardiac deaths. Such training should include evidence-based protocols, ongoing training, and performance metrics.

Strong language regarding sexual misconduct in the justice system:

  • Orders the federal judiciary, for the first time, to contract with the National Academy of Public Administration, an organization of independent experts who will be able to ensure that investigations of workplace misconduct are independent and thorough, allowing the National Academy to develop a plan for a future independent system that conducts judicial workplace surveys, collects and analyzes organizational processes and employee engagement data, and coordinates workplace best practices across the judiciary. The results of this study will be submitted in the year following the transition;
  • Directs the federal judiciary, for the first time, to share with Congress when a judge is found to have engaged in professional misconduct under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act (JC&D), so that the Congress can take necessary supervisory action if necessary, up to and including the removal of the judge;
  • Directs the federal judiciary to increase transparency by releasing appropriate information to the public about judges who have been found guilty of workplace misconduct;
  • Directs the federal judiciary to share and implement best practices for reducing and responding to workplace misconduct; and
  • Increase dedicated staff to provide confidential advice to court personnel on workplace issues, coordinate staff training programs, and ensure consistency of workplace policies and protections across all circuits.

Funding and additional measures secured by MP Torres

  • Wording requiring the SBA to provide cybersecurity training and support to small businesses participating in federal contracting programs.
  • Order FTA to use an additional $1 million for the Transportation Equity Research Program.
  • Providing $12 million to the DOT’s Regional Infrastructure Acceleration Program.
  • Including report language asking the FTA to provide a report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a historic impact on disadvantaged communities.
  • Added a provision based on Congresswoman Torres’ bill, the “Sustainable Communities Act”. This provision ensures that the DOT’s Thriving Communities Initiative will also focus on affordable housing.
  • $100 million in funding and language provided for thriving communities. The program promotes equitable economic growth, reduces the burden of transportation costs, improves public health and mobility, and increases access to economic opportunity.
  • Additionally, the Committee is providing $5,000,000 to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for an interagency collaborative initiative to ensure housing and infrastructure development is considered.
  • An additional $5 million for the Department of Energy’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response to conduct a demonstration program of innovative technologies to monitor vegetation management to improve the network resilience to forest fires. This effort is in line with Congresswoman Torres’ Wildfire Grid Resiliency Act (HR6012).

To learn more about Congresswoman Torres’ work in supply, click here.


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