Trust Stamp Privtech Helps Government Agencies Protect Against Fraud


Trust Stamp has unveiled its new privacy-focused identity technology, Privtech, and reports that it has been granted trademark status for the Privtech solution by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The technology offers four customizable levels of privacy protection using the company’s existing Privtech Certified structure and provides government agencies with the ability to verify identity and protect against fraud, while minimizing the data collected and ensuring transparency in their use.

Gareth Genner, Chief Executive Officer of Trust Stamp, explained: “Privtech technology uses our patented irreversibly transformed (IT2) identity token, which allows users to be identified on a probabilistic basis without disclosing any underlying biometric data. underlying or other identity data.

“Within the Privtech Certified structure, there are four levels of privacy protection, of which Privtech Level Four is the strictest, with all registration and authentication processes taking place on the user’s own device. user, and only a random, encrypted unique ID never leaves the device,” Genner continued.

Dr Norman Poh, Scientific Director of Trust Stamp, said: “An IT2 can be created from virtually any biometrics modality along with most other types of identity data. In addition to the obvious privacy advantage, IT2 has many advantages over older biometric models, including computational efficiency, interoperability, and cancellation.

Gareth Genner added: “Government agencies need to balance safe and efficient interaction with digital users while minimizing intrusion into user privacy. Unlike typical biometric systems used today, Privtech Level Four does not require the intermediation of data by a private sector provider and does not require the user to provide the agency with their biometric data.

“We designed these solutions to meet the specific demands of government customers, which represent a very large and growing market opportunity. Ultimately, we believe Privtech-certified products will define a new privacy-focused approach to interacting with government agencies,” Genner added.

The company’s announcement follows substantial increases in technology-focused investments by government agencies, including $80 billion in new funding for the Internal Revenue Service, with a focus on improving services to taxpayers and the modernization of technology and other agency infrastructure.


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