Union government uses agencies to insult opponents: Yashwant Sinha


Presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha has accused the Union government of using investigative agencies to “insult” their political opponents rather than investigating any wrongdoing.

“The (Union) government abuses government agencies such as the Law Enforcement Branch, CBI, etc. to fix political opponents. Never before has it occurred to us that the government agencies can be used against political opponents. It has become common practice now,” he said.

He was briefing reporters following a meeting with the Congressional Legislative Party on Sunday, seeking support for the presidential elections. Developments that occurred in Maharashtra recently, in Karnataka in the past and in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh are ahead of us, he said, referring to forced defection or poaching of deputies to overthrow governments. “Is this democracy? It is an insult to the mandate of the people,” Sinha said.

The ex-finance and external affairs minister has blasted criticism leveled at the Supreme Court following its recent remarks during the hearing of the Nupur Sharma case. The judiciary is abused in social media. This is an unprecedented and sad development. There cannot be an atmosphere where one court judgment is welcomed while the other receives bricks, he said.

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‘Rashtrapathi rubber stamp’

Sinha also challenged her opponent Draupadi Murmu to claim that she would serve impartially and prevent the central government from “undemocratic practices like ‘Operation Kamal'” if elected president.

“India needs a Rashtrapathi who is the impartial guardian of the Constitution and not a silent or approving Rashtrapathi,” he said. Murmu is also expected to say she will not hesitate to restrict the central government if it “outrageously aids and abets undemocratic practices like ‘Operation Kamal’, which has been used to destabilize opposition-led governments”.

Commenting on the textbook dispute in Karnataka, Sinha accused the government of trying to communalize the minds of the younger generation by introducing a new school curriculum tainted by the ideological agenda of the ruling party.

Asked if he would meet JD(S) HD supremo Deve Gowda, Sinha said he would not meet during the current phase of his tour seeking support from non-BJP parties.


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