Useful work-from-home experience for IT companies


Hyderabad: The experience of working from home during the coronavirus lockdown has opened up new avenues for IT companies. These companies are considering offering permanent facilities for their employees to work from home.

A leading IT company recently gave its employees the option to work from home and they started taking advantage of this facility from June 27, 2022.

Allowing employees to work from home for two years, many international companies are taking steps to make working from home easier on a permanent basis. This facility will alleviate the constant complaint of its employees of not being able to reconcile work and family life.

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IT companies have enlisted the services of experts to examine the pros and cons of working from home. It is said that in the case of employees working from home, their creativity will increase and the cost will decrease.

IT company executives said their employees have proven they can work from anywhere.

In case of working from home, employees save their time and travel expenses. Employees can plan the work to the best of their ability and can increase their productivity.

IT experts have acknowledged that the efficiency of IT employees has increased during the Corona lockdown. After the return to normality, it has been observed that there is a decrease in efficiency compared to their working from home. The main reason cited is fatigue due to travel hassles.

However, the state government may object to the decision to allow employees to work from home permanently, as it could result in reduced government revenue.

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